VIDEO. Happy Birthday, Marvin! Charlotte, Aubrey and Jordan Lilly salute Marvin Hamlisch

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARVIN ! Charlotte, Aubrey and Jordan Lilly salute Marvin Hamlisch

REMEMBERING MARVIN HAMLISCH (1944–2012) during his birthday — Thanks to Charlotte, Aubrey and Jordan Lilly for this sweet salute to Marvin Hamlisch! (“Uncle Momo”)

WATCH. “Uncle Momo” by Charlotte, Aubrey and Jordan Lilly:

Uncle MomoCharlotte, Aubrey and Jordan Lilly:

Charlotte, Aubrey and Jordan Lilly

Charlotte, Aubrey and Jordan Lilly


Happy Birthday My Marvin! Terre Blair Hamlisch.


Source: Team Marvin Hamlisch / The Music of Marvin Hamlisch



  1. What a touching and lovely thing to do, a very good and noble man, in and out of the spotlight. Life loving to a fault, he is missed and will not be replaced.

  2. Love it, love it, love it, Charlotte! You and the girls are naturals in front of the camera. What a wonderful tribute to Uncle Momo! Oh, and I remember when he came to Little Rock, and my friends and I went to eat with him after his performance at Robinson, I ordered chocolate cake — it was a huge piece, and I ate maybe a third of it. Marv finishes his dinner, turns to me and says, “Are you going to eat the rest of that cake?” I said, “No, I’m finished…” He reached over, took the plate and finished it up himself. I said, “Marvin, I ate off that side,” and he said, “I don’t care…” LOL

  3. Very sweet! I only got to meet him once at JoJo’s birthday party and experienced several of these “rules” in that short time. Missed out on that “dessert” one ! haha! I’m sure Teresa will enjoy this!

  4. When I was a young girl at camp Geneva he taught me piano during rest hour he was do loved by everyone at camp he was as he would say such a mensch so glad he was in my life as a little girl

  5. How very sweet ~ thank you for sharing your tender and personal memories and continuing your Uncle’s great legacy. He is so very missed. This helps keep him with us, doing good, touching lives with his music and reminding me that it’s ok to order dessert to share and to enjoy life