Video (2min) — Marvin Hamlisch and The Yankees

I used to say: These are the priorities of Marvin Hamlisch: 1‐Music

2‐New York Yankees



He Loved his Yankees!”  Terre Blair Hamlisch.

Terre and Torre 9-20-2012

When Marvin was performing, in the old days before Smartphones, during the play‐off season, messages were being relayed from the side door of the stage onto the stage. There would be somebody pointing with their hands: “Five” — “Two.” And then the response with Marvin’s “thumbs up” will follow. — Conductor J. Ernest Green.

Marvin Hamlisch and The Yankees

Marvin Hamlisch and The Yankees

He really loved Joe Torre:

He was my greatest fan, because every time we lost a game, it was somebody else’s fault. It was never my fault.” Joe Torre.


Watch: Joe Torre, Terre Hamlisch: Marvin Hamlisch and The Yankess:

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Let the fantasy continue always. — Marvin Hamlisch (1944–2012)

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