The Nutty Professor, a New Musical.

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NASHVILLE, TN -“Nutty Professor” musical’s had the last performance at the arts center’s James K. Polk Theater August 19, 2012. It has a score by Marvin Hamlisch, a book and lyrics by Rupert Holmes, and Michael Andrew in the dual role of the nebbishy title character, Julius Kelp, and his superlatively smooth alter ego, Buddy Love. Visit website


The Nutty Professor

The musical, whose backers make no secret of their desire to bring it to Broadway, is also arriving without an established theatrical producer and with many unanswered questions. And though the endeavor may tax Mr. Lewis’s infirmities and could even tarnish his reputation, he is acutely aware of these perils and as eager as anyone to take them on.

 “I’ve got news for you,” he said, his voice growing firm and loud. “There’s something about the risk, the courage that it takes to face the risk. And I feel very good about it. I’m not going to get greatness unless I have to go at it with fear and uncertainty.”



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  1. I just know that up in Heaven there is some beautiful music being made and Marvin Hamlisch has discovered what it’s really like to hear the orchestra that he could have only imagined on earth. Enjoy the orchestra of your dreams and keep writing those amazing melodies. Bless you for all you were and all you are through eternity!

  2. what a loss on so many levels, an icon, genious, prodigy,gifted beyond words and way too young to have left us.…hoping the end was peaceful…

  3. I went to the opening of A Chorus Line on July 25, 1975, my birthday. I had seen the show earlier, on a summer Sunday at The Public Theatre. I thought it odd that, during a lazy summer day,
    there was such a crowd. Raquel Welch was there. So was Edward Albee. Neil Simon was there with his daughter. I couldn’t imagine what I was in for, but then the show started and within 30 seconds
    I knew that I was watching history being made. Mr. Hamlisch’s melodies are crisp and fresh and meshed perfectly with Ed Kleban’s lyrics. RIP.

  4. Dear Mr. Hamlisch, Thank you for making the world a better place with your wonderful music and musicianship. You are a brilliant, brilliant man and a blessing from God. Patrick C

  5. Mr. Hamlisch,
    We met, briefly, at the first reading of The Nutty Professor in New York about 2 1/2 years ago.
    We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed seeing the show on opening night and, in particular, listening to your beautiful musical score. We still can’t get “While I Still Have the Time” out of our heads, not to mention Michael’s rendition of “Stella” and Klea’s showstopper, “Step Out of Your Shell.”

    Thank you for giving us a truly magical experience, a wonderful evening and for all you’ve done for this show. Needless to say, we love everything about “The Nutty Professor Musical.” In our opinion — thanks to you and Rupert — it’s everything a Broadway Musical should be.

    Fingers-crossed and hope to see you, again, when the show opens on Broadway. All the best!
    Mr. & Mrs. Eves

  6. Nutty professor musical
    Dear Mr. Hamlisch
    I so enjoyed and still enjoy you music from A Chorus Line and in fact I listened to One and Kiss Today Goodbye almost continuously to motivate myself.
    I’ve been a huge Jerry Lewis fan my whole life so tomorrow I am headed to Nashville to see the performance of The Nutty Professor Musical.
    I am eagerly looking forward to hearing your great music once again and if by chance i see you in the theater i will come and say hi. Helene T