▶ Song: At The Ballet. Deconstruction by Seth Rudetsky. The Music of Marvin Hamlisch

Song: “At The Ballet” – Deconstruction by Seth Rudetsky. – The Music of Marvin Hamlisch.

“Classic Hamlisch”- Seth Rudetsky

“Is it the best show in the world? Yes! -Seth Rudetsky.

Thanks Seth!Team Marvin Hamlisch / The Music of Marvin Hamlisch.

Company of A Chorus Line performs "One" at the Royal Opera House, London. 2013 Olivier Awards

Company of A Chorus Line performs “One” at the Royal Opera House, London. 2013 Olivier Awards

We are certain many “triple-threat-contenders” and A Chorus Line followers will appreciate your interesting lesson.

 Watch video. Song: At The Ballet:

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Song: At The Ballet from the musical A CHORUS LINE

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Source: Team Marvin Hamlisch / The Music of Marvin Hamlisch



  1. Wow, great post. Best thing on the tubes today! Really took me back to my family room listening to that soundtrack.

  2. Thank you for this. I first heard this song back in the early 80’s in 7th grade when out hip young music teacher had us doing concerts with musical theater. What a fantastic trip down memory lane!

  3. Hey Seth: The phrase “Up a steep and very narrow staircase” is from Michael Bennet’s story. He grew up in Niagara Falls, New York and he and I had the same dance teacher, Beverly Fletcher. Affectionally known as “Miss Bev.” Her dance studio was on Main Street in Niagara Falls up on the second floor. And to get to the studio, you had to enter a side door and climb “up a steep and very narrow staircase.” I studied with her about 5 years after A Chorus Line opened on Broadway and we all LOVED climbing that staircase.

  4. ACL has been a part of our lives since the beginning! It is exquisite & your deconstruction almost brought me to tears! Thank you for being you!! (Yes, I do use too many !!!, but you bring that out in me.)

  5. Were were you when I was listening to this on my headphones in 1979?? This song used to blow my mind… particularly Maggie’s voice.

    Do the Finale from the original Pippin next!!!!

  6. I have seen 102 productions of “A Chorus Line” from New York to Dallas--my favorite show of 73 years of theatre going!

    I’ll be seeing Seth for the first time when he is here in Fort Lauderdale at the Parker Playhouse with Megan Hilty on Thursday January the 16th even though I will be having a ‘procedure’ the day before—won’t miss it!!!

  7. Seth, I am mesmerized. I really just loved watching you and I can listen to this all night.
    Adore you.
    A Chorus Line! Michael Bennett! Marvin Hamlisch!
    Lorna Ventura

  8. LOVE this Seth! What a wonderful tribute and your incredible gift of telling the story is much appreciated! I am in Chicago these days teaching at an arts college and I make every effort to pass this wonderful show on to my students. It is such a huge part of my life and I am grateful! My students and I all love you and I can’t wait to share this with them!
    Thanks for doing this!
    Much love,
    Amy Uhl

  9. I have mixed the sound for a number of various tours and more than a thousand performances of ACL over the years.This deconstruction of At The Ballet has given me a whole new appreciation for the piece, the characters, the music, lyrics, message, ALL of it is fresh for me now! Thanks, so much for your insight and viewpoint, Seth! BRAVA!, indeed. CHEERS!

  10. What a beautiful tribute to Hamlisch! I’ve heard the song hundreds of times but I heard it anew with Seth.

  11. The deconstruction by Seth Rudetsky, “At the Ballet”, was very fun and informative. Having the ‘A Chorus Line’ songbook myself, I would play the chords, and escape back to ballet class where I felt pretty (that many years ago because ballet is predominantly something one does when one is younger.) It’s funny that without anyone pointing out further nuances in notes (scooping) or the musical intonation, words and cast/actresses, I found ‘A Chorus Line’s “At the Ballet” to be very similar for me.

    The story was very quirky, but easy to relate to, as the chorus of the song made everything better, and the Ballet solved all pain — just as is anything we enjoy that takes our hearts and minds elsewhere. The story didn’t pattern my life, but showing empathy, I could admit that we are all different and we all feel that some inner emotion drives us or prevents us — especially for perfectionists. Dancers and singers tend to strive for perfection…Why not? As in “One” — Everyone wants to be the BEST!

    Tender memories, thanks for bringing this to the forefront!

  12. Just wanted to mention to Seth.. That the original Bebe, who he never referred to by name was played by the amazing talented Nancy Lane. She went on to have a very nice TV career, as a regular on the last season of “Rhoda’, a regular of the Donna Pescow sitcom “Angie” and as the costar to Jim Carey on his first TV sitcom called “The Duck Factory.” She eventually married and 3 boys and lives in Long Beach. A beautiful and talented triple threat!! Everyone else got recognition and thought she deserved some also. I played Greg in ’77-78 in the International Company.

    • agreed, all around! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this show, from conception to present, and still believe it is the best written and executed journey i have ever seen! Kudos to all involved…then,especially, and now. muah!