Showstoppers! The Music of Marvin Hamlisch

New York — Showstoppers! The Music of Marvin Hamlisch.  A Benefit to Support the Singers Forum’s AEA Scholarship Program.

The Goodbye Girl, Smile, Imaginary Friends, Jean Seberg


This is a remarkable night. One of Marvin’s strongest passions was education in the arts,” his gracious and visibly moved widow, Terre Hamlisch, tells the audience. “To continue to sing his music from the depths of your souls will keep Marvin alive. He lives on in all of you.” — Terre Blair.


Imagine being a young actor/vocalist striving towards one’s first break or one who started singing in her 60s in order to get a role, any role, in a community theater musical, being given the opportunity to participate in a show with Tony winners. Imagine the pleasure of generous, seasoned performers watching newcomers spread their wings on a professional stage, recognizing courage, admiring burgeoning talent. And the pride of performers / teachers who have chosen to commit their skills to a non-profit environment rather than charge sizeable, private fees. Imagine these, stir in a thoroughly entertained audience, and you’ll have a pretty fair impression of the crosscurrent of feelings inspired by Showstoppers! The Music of Marvin Hamlisch.

We’re reminded that the honoree was one of only two composers to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony in addition to a Pulitzer Prize. Familiar and eclectic selections from theater, film and concert hall are presented showing Hamlisch’s extraordinary range.

Oh, I’m Verklempt,” exclaims Valerie Lemon, whereupon she leads both audience and performers standing up among us – in a moving reprise of “What I Did for Love.” My guess is Hamlisch would’ve loved it.

A Chorus Line, They’re Playing Our Song, Sweet Smell of Success

* The AEA Scholarship Program at Singers Forum provides subsidized vocal technique lessons to qualified and worthy applicants who are also members of Actors Equity Association. Its goal is to create a program that will allow training to those most in need of, but least likely to be able to afford it. Currently 60 such scholarships are available.    Singers Forum

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LISTEN to a few selections from Marvin Hamlisch’s Body of work:

Selections from “They’re Playing Our Song.” (Listen to: “Fallin” sung by Robert Klein)

Songs from “Smile” and “The Goodbye Girl”


Dreamers” from Jean Seberg.

From “Sweet Smell of Success”  (Song: “I Cannot hear the City”)


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  1. The best version, and only one I really like, of “Disneyland,” is the one sung by Howard Ashman himself, on the recording he and Marvin Hamlisch made of the score of SMILE {with some dialog/bits of scenes for context) playing all the parts themselves (maybe Marvin’s playing piano, I’m not sure). It’s so much fun to listen to. There are some really effective aspects and hooks to the way the song is played on that performance by Ashman (who appears to have been quite a good singer and entertainer}, both in his performance and the arrangement, even just played by solo piano, that no other version I’ve heard employ, and I don’t understand why.
    I also love most of the score to SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS, and the performances on the OBCR. Wish I could have seen that show in its Broadway run.
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