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Marvin Hamlisch, Inc.   (or Terre Blair & Family)

c/o: Columbia Artists Management

1790 Broadway

New York, NY  10019

In honor of Marvin Hamlisch

A Celebration of Life

A visitation and funeral service for the late Marvin Hamlisch.

Known as the “people’s composer,” Marvin Hamlisch, whose work on Broadway and film has won him virtually every major award, leaves behind an indelible legacy with his rich contributions to the American songbook. He is survived by Terre, his wife of 25 years.

VISITATION    Occurred Sunday August 12, 2012 and Monday, August, 13, 2012 at Frank E. Campbell 1076 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10028

FUNERAL Occurred   Tuesday, August 14, 2012  11:00 AM at Temple Emanu-EL on  65th at 5th Avenue New York, NY 10065



Marvin Hamlisch, Inc.   (or Terre Blair & Family)

c/o: Columbia Artists Management

1790 Broadway

New York, NY  10019


Thank you.

Marvin Hamlisch, Inc.



  1. An amazing loss to not just the musical world.
    Marvin and I are both alums of Queens College of the City University of New York. Several years ago,while I was Director of Alumni Affairs at QC, I had the pleasure of nominating him to be the year’s outstanding graduate from a Public College or University in the United States. After schedule adjustments so he could be in the US, he received the honor and sang his thank you to 400 assembled academics. I also placed Marvin in the college’s Salute to Alumni Exhibit. In addition to a photo, we exhibited some “things” to represent the honoree. I tried my best to get him to lend us his “Oscar” but, fearing it might be lost, he instead gave us autographed CDs and a copy of “The Way I Were”.
    Marvin was a great person. I always enjoyed speaking with him.
    Joe Brostek

  2. Simone
    A True Legend
    Marvin’s magnificent artistry and musicality was a delight to all who had the privilege of being witness to it. May his legacy continue to be heralded by generations to come, for he was a true legend. Simone L.

  3. The sadness of a life well-lived and not yet finished lingers. Mr. Hamlisch, Marvin, we will miss what you still had to share with us but will take comfort in so much that you gave us, unselfishly. A singular brilliant light! So much music we have in our souls because of you. Thank you. Sail on the trumpet song.
    To his wife and family, we are blessed that you shared him with us. Peace to all of you.

  4. With my dear friends, Maestro Marvin Hamlisch & Robert Teicher in Sydney, Australia prior to our 3 Cantors in concert with the Sydney Philharmonic orchestra, August 2009.

  5. Marvin was truly a global composer. Back in the Seventies and Eighties, as a kid in grade school in Singapore, we were already singing his songs from A Chorus Line, from his films, etc. Such was the appeal of his music, all over the world. Thank you, Marvin.

  6. Rest in Peace Mr. Hamlisch. WOW, your music was an inspiration to me. As a kid growing up in the south side of Chicago, it was odd for “me” to enjoy your music but I did and your gift inspired me then and now.

  7. I am saddened by the loss of my dear friend Marvin. I am proud and honored to have shared not only the stage with him, but many lunches together too.
    I am incredibly proud to have produced and promoted the 3 Cantors concert with Marvin Hamlisch and various symphony orchestras in the US, Canada and Australia.
    I was proud to have organized Marvin to conduct an orchestra for the first time in a synagogue where he proudly wore a kippah and conducted me in concert in my synagogue where I served as Cantor.
    I had lunch with Marvin recently to
    discuss our 3 city tour to Australia that was supposed to be this month, it just wasn’t to be.
    My dear Terre, may you only know happiness and blessings from Marvin’s memory, and my dear conductor maestro Marvin, may you keep on conducting in Gan Eden. The
    Music has never sounded sweeter.
    You were an amazing guy and an amazing mensh. I will miss you everytime I walk out on stage.
    RIP my chaver !!!

  8. There are a few people in our lifetime that we will ever meet or get to know well enough to call them a friend to the extent that when they pass your world has changed. My world did change upon hearing the news of Mr. Hamlisch’s passing…without thought…I immediately began to cry as if I knew the man personally. The talent that he possessed will be told to us by the the best of the best. I had the priviledge to see him with Barbra Streisand.…a thrill of my lifetime.…and what a pair! I picked this picture because it is how I think of him…a man that made music magical with his whole being. Everything he touched became alive.…I remember when I saw Chorus Line in London…I thought to myself…just feel the music…the laughter the energy!!! A passionate man I would believe…not just for his talents but for so many other people around him. I was blessed to bear witness to his talent and we are all blessed to have his abundant legacy of work to enjoy for the rest of our lives. May generations to come learn of this wonderful and talented man. My prayers go out to his wife and family…may the happiest of memories bring you comfort during this difficult time and the days ahead. God Bless.

  9. May your music always be remembered and cherished.
    You will always be a treasure. May you always
    Rest in Peace. You are truly a Legend.

  10. I am very saddened to hear Marvin is no longer with us. I had the honour of meeting Marvin in Dublin September 2011. I never thought I would have the opportunity to see him perform in Dublin Ireland and the honour of speaking with him in person. He had a wonderful personality and a great sense of humour.He played a wonderful programme of music that night and finished with a beautiful version of Danny Boy . Music Lovers wont get to see or hear his kind again . He was unique. My deepest condolences to his wife, family and friends. May he rest in peace.

  11. I just returned from attending the visitation
    service of Marvin Hamlisch at 81st/Madison.
    I have been a devoted fan of his since
    “The Sting”, “The Way We Were” &
    “A Chorus Line”. His beautiful wife Terre approached
    me & was the most gracious person I have ever met.
    One could tell they had truly “found someone”
    in each other. The world is forever blessed by Marvin’s
    music which lit up the world from the depths of his
    brilliant Soul.

  12. I loved listening to your music. It had rhyme and style and you captured everyone’s heart and soul.Thank you for always giving us fond musical memories. You will be sorely missed. You were a mensch.

  13. I’m deeply saddened to learn of Marvin Hamlisch’s death. He was so kind to me, when I was a student at the High School of Performing Arts. Marvin had just won a slew of awards, yet took time out of his busy schedule and met with me for a school assignment. He also took me out to lunch and we had a phone/mail friendship that followed. Truly a wonderful, gracious person. I still have the sweet letters he sent me.

    What I find so amazing, is the consistent sentiment of the comments being published here. Everyone’s experience, speaks of the same wonderful interactions with Marvin.
    He touched the lives of so many people, through his talent, kindness and generosity. If you look up the true meaning of “mensch”, the name Marvin Hamlisch should be included in the definition.

    My deepest condolences to his beloved wife Terre, and family. I wish you solace during this difficult time.

    (It was pointed out to me the strange coincidence of the first letter I received from Marvin, being written on Barbra Streisand’s birthday.)

  14. My friend shared with me how lucky she was to have played in the orchestra that Marvin conducted in Melbourne, Australia a year or so back.

    Marvelling on his brilliance and one being his sensational improvisation on the piano!

    Thankyou Marvin!

    rest in peace.…

  15. Marvin Hamlisch was an incredible talent.He had of course a great way of writing music, performing but also improvising.
    He had a wonderful sense of humor which he shared with every audience that he performed in front of, large and small.
    There is a huge hole in the hear of Pittsburgh, we shall miss our Pittsburgh Pops Symphony Director.…..who always put on an amazing show and made us laugh! May his memory be a blessing.

  16. I’ve been in awe of the name Marvin Hamlisch since I was 11 years old. Then I had the blessing to meet him … Truthfully, over the years, I knew Marvin in many incarnations, first as the Cantor in Malibu, then as a soloist with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and finally (and most importantly), when I was in labor in his dressing room. It’s a personal but meaningful story and if you’d like to read it, my blog is (Uncle Marvin, Hamlisch, that is).

    Uncle Marvin, your memory will indeed eternally be for a blessing.

  17. To this day I cry every friggin time I hear the music from A Chorus Line sung by a new generation of dancers. Your legacy will forever live on in so many ways — Steve and I are forever grateful for our brief time together with you.

  18. I am deeply saddened and shocked at the loss of the wonderful, indeed incomparable Marvin Hamlisch. I have adored his gorgeous music and admired him for decades. His music for A Chorus Line was inspiring; his melodies for The Way We Were and Nobody Does It Better are poignantly beautiful. Watching him play piano on TV was invigorating. I am sorry I didn’t see him at the new CSUN performing arts center. I truly hope there is a public memorial in Los Angeles. He contributed so much to movies and many of us would like to come together to express our gratitude and grief. Marvin is truly the last of the great American popular music composers, in the same league as Gershwin and Rodgers. What a wonderful, witty, brilliant, handsome and classy person Marvin Hamlisch was. I cried at the news.

  19. I lost my dear friend, Marvin Hamlisch. You’ll always be “One singular sensation, Marvin!” I will miss knowing that you are always there. You and your music are a loss to the world. Thank God, your fabulous music will always live on for all of us. I will always miss you.…. May your memory be for blessing.

  20. I have been a BIG fan of Marvin’s for many years and have followed and admired his achievements from here in Australia. The sad news of his passing was National news here when it happened. He will live on in our memories and I wish Terre and all of his family and friends peace and understanding at this time.
    God bless you Marvin.

  21. I would like to extend my condolences to Marvin Hamlisch and his family.

    Marvin Hamlisch was extremely gifted and talented and a deep, heartfelt loss is genuinely felt regarding his recent passing.

    Marvin Hamlisch was a musical prodigy who possessed the purest talent of music and musical composition to the absolute highest standard. His vast tapestry of musical works that include film and stage scores, will remain timeless and will forever represent the pinnacle of greatness in it’s most true form.

    Marvin Hamlisch has touched the lives of many with his prodigious gift, a gift that he shared with the world and for which the world is eternally thankful.

    Thank you, Marvin Hamlisch for sharing your gift of music. May you live on forever in peace.

    God Bless Marvin Hamlisch, his friends, colleagues and family.

  22. Thank you to Marvin Hamlisch for all the beautiful music, his generous spirit (remember his episode on “The Nanny”?), for coloring all our years with a soundtrack that will never be forgotten…I was heartbroken when I read of his passing. The world has lost a light and a treasure…
    Condolences to his wife Terre and to his family and friends.

  23. The world has lost an amazing talent that has touched the hearts and minds of everyone he met. Charismatic, quick witted, brilliant but most of all just normal and nice. We will cherish the time we got to spend with you and always remember that first night at Carnegie Hall.
    I have no doubt that you will live on forever.

  24. My daughter, Rowyn Peel, had the opportunity to work with Marvin on an NSO Pops concert of “Music Man” at the Kennedy Center a few years ago (she played Amaryllis). Marvin was friendly and gracious to all, but I thought he really showed his true colors at the first run-through with the orchestra. When they were about to rehearse the piano lesson scene, the orchestra pianist started to play Amaryllis’ piano part (which is typical). Rowyn stopped the rehearsal to pipe up: “I play that.” To which Marvin cheerfully replied “An Amaryllis who plays the piano! Wonderful!” and proceeded to conduct her instead of the orchestra pianist.

    Thank you, Marvin, for all of your talents through the years, and for your support of young artists, including my daughter.

    • All of us at Professional Children’s School mourn the loss of our dear friend and cherished alumnus. Marvin was always supportive of our mission and of the extraordinary young people entrusted to our care. We celebrate his remarkable talent and artistry; he was, without question, one singular sensation!

      Dr. James Dawson
      Head of School
      Professional Children’s School



  26. I saw Mr. Hamlisch perform 25 years ago in Milwaukee and a few years ago in Akron. I loved both performances. What a talent! Also saw A Chorus Line several times and listened to the track over and over. So sorry for this irreplaceable loss.

  27. We have truly lost a musical legend amongst us. Mr Hamlisch brought so much joy and passion to so many people through the years; an exceptionally talented artist and source of inspiration. I would like to thank him for sharing this wonderful gift with us, and feel blessed to have been on this earth at the same time, to experience his true artistry. Rest in peace.

  28. For the past few years, I had season tickets to the National Symphony Orchestra Pops concerts and Marvin Hamlisch was the conductor. I looked forwarded to each performance and was never disappointed in any of the events. Marvin Hamlisch taught the audience about the beauty of music. The evening would include humor, music education and a look into the world of Marvin. He was so kind to share his experiences. Thank goodness for memories.

  29. We were so Lucky to attend the Seattle Pops with Mr Hamlisch Conducting the American Songbook this spring.It happened to fall on his Birthday. How special for us to be a part of that day.As an audience member he made you feel a part of the music,I loved singing along. it was so lovely.
    We will miss him.

  30. There was only one Marvin in this world. and now that he is gone, our planet is poorer not only in music but in dignity that Marvin brought to the human specy. He was not only talented and gifted but he used those qualities very humbly…yes, I have tears in my eyes, I never met him, just heard and listened to his music and that was enough…look at his pics — you have to be proud to have lived during the times Marvin was alive. May he rest in peace –condoleances to his family.

  31. I have a memory of Marvin at a practice for a PCS assembly. He was probably in 9th or 10th grade. He would rush up to the piano and say, “wait, I also wrote this” and play something. Someone said, “sit down, Marvin.”. Little did I know that he REALLY could write music! I wish I had known that I was in the midst of such talent. I wish I had known enough then to appreciate the gifted people around me, but I’m delighted that I had that experience. I shared memories of PCS with him when he played here in Gainesville, FL a few years ago. I am so sorry that we lost him too young. My condolences to his close friends and family.

  32. I wish I could attend the funeral service to honor Marvin Hamlisch but it takes place not just in another city, but in another continent. All I can do is to listen to his beautiful music and through the music feel the warmth, spirit, emotion, great humour and humanity of Marvin. I never met the man, but always dreamt of doing so, but he feels like a friend through his wonderful music and his wonderfully humble and witty way of dealing with others. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and souls, dear Marvin!

  33. To Terre and family, It was SO THRILLING for us when Marvin accepted the position with the Dallas Symphony. The city was abuzz that Marvin was coming and we even subscribed to the Pops for the first time in our 43 years as Classical subscribers here. He gave us more than we could ever expected. His talent #1, charm, grace, fantastic sense of humor, connection with the audience and going over to the Arts Magnet School to look for young talent, all warmed our hearts.
    We enjoyed a lovely brunch with him in the Fall and enjoyed listening to his plans for the future with you and his career. What a sweetheart of a guy. His gift to me of his baton will be something I will treasure for life. His concert in Dallas in May was amazing. Afterwards, he was looking forward to being with you and always spoke of you so lovingly. Please know our hearts are broken and send you our sincerest sympathy and will pray for comfort and peace for you and your family. He was ONE OF A KIND and it was a privilege to have known him. He will be composing some heavenly sounds, we are sure. Fondly, Barb and Bob Sypult

  34. I went to high school, PCS with Marvin. We were in a few of the same classes and even then he was composing show music. I was in a review that he wrote. I had played parts. He was only 15 and yet so brilliant. He was bound to be a major force. It was obvious.

    Goodbye Marvin! I am so sad to say that. You were way too young!

    Linda Phillips

  35. It is so hard to say good-bye to such a beloved and wonderful person. Your music will live on. My heart goes out to his family and all the friends that loved him so dearly.

  36. Our class at PS9 was together for 7 years, starting in kindergarten. Marvin was the piano genius among us, and his father Max came in a taught us to play the recorder while he demonstrated his and Marvin’s skills on the accordian. We last saw Marvin at our class reunion at the Friar’s Club, around 20 years ago. It’s sad and shocking to lose Marvin at this time of life and his ongoing productivity. I hope that there is some way he can be honored by PS9-ers.

  37. The words that best sum up my feelings for Marvin Hamlisch is that when I hear his music, it brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. RIP Mr. Hamlisch

  38. Marvin mentored a young violinist named Joshua Coyne (see the picture below of Josh and Marvin at The Kennedy Center) in the DC area and he and his Mom Jane have written a loving tribute to Marvin on DC Metro Theater Arts: READ: My Mentor and Friend Marvin Hamlisch

    My condolences to Terre and to Marvin’s family, friends, and fans. The NSO Pops and Wolf Trap will never be the same without him. Rest in peace Marvin.

  39. I am so saddened to know that such a brilliant life has ended. Marvin was more than a phenomenally talented and accomplished musician, he was an honest and generous man. When he heard that I had asked $50 for the parts to my string quartet, he said: “That’s ridiculous.” then paid me $500 from his personal account.
    He had a singular influence in the world of music. We will miss him dearly in Washington.

  40. Truly … One, Singular Sensation!

    Your memory will be a blessing for now and for always through your eternal music and melodies. Deep sympathy and sadness.

  41. Terre, Please know that I am praying for you and the entire family. When I saw Marvin (the last being at the Columbus concert)I was always impressed on how genuine a man he was. He showed compassion to everyone with whom he came in contact. His intense love for you was obvious. I am certain he will be watching over you always. His musical talent will be missed but his songs will live forever. Terre, myself and all of your friends and family will support you during the days to come.

  42. Mr. Hamlisch was really one of those very few ‘complete musicians’ this world has ever known; a great composer, a marvelous pianist and a very gifted conductor, all in the same person. And I will never forget how good and gracious he was for our orchestra when we honored him with the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award. We miss him deeply but he will always be remembered through his great music. My deepest sympathy and condolences go out to his wife and family.

  43. It is with a heavy heart that I extend my sympathies to the family of The People’s Composer,Mavin Hamlisch.My favorite score will always be The Sting.

  44. Rest in Peace Sweet Marvin.
    The kindest and most gracious soul, whose music touched and will continue to touch hearts for generations!! You will always be loved and missed! Thank You for always lifting our hearts with your beautiful, timeless music! Deepest sympathies to your wife and family.

  45. Words cannot express my gratitude to Marvin for all of the beauty and love he has brought into this world. His musical contributions are legendary, and his wonderful sense of humor, his most active inner child, and his passion for a world of peace and harmony will reverberate even after his departing the physical plane. His lovely spirit will continue to inspire me forever. With unbounded love and gratitude to Marvin, and to Terre, I remain, as always, your devoted friend.


  47. Mr. Hamlisch brought such joy to so many through his music. He is already sadly missed. Condolences to his family.

  48. Marvin was one of the most talented people I knew,but most of all he was a real MENCH…Marvin had been very supportive of my Toys For Tots lunch that was held at the 21 Club in New York. The last time I spoke to Marvin was in June for his Birthday. Marvin, May You Rest In Peace! All my Best to Terre and the family.
    Stewart Jacobson

  49. Other generations had Irving Berlin or George Gershwin. We were lucky to have Marvin Hamlisch. He was an extraordinary talent and person who enlivened our culture with music that will stand the test of time. Just like “Embraceable You” or “The Man I Love” are constantly being recreated by today’s artists for a new generation — so will “The Way We Were” and “Nobody Does It Better” — and so many others that Marvin created — in years and years to come. I knew him as a dear and valuable friend for many years and he was with us in The Hague almost a year ago to the day. My daughters asked him to come to their school and he didn’t hesitate. He enthralled the international students who likely had never heard his name, but knew and related to his music with joy and enthusiasm. He gave them lessons for life and inspired them with his gift for composing on the spot. He was treated like Adele might or another artist already on their iPods. I suspect after that day, his music was added to many of their devices as well. So long, Marvin — we’ll miss you beyond words. But we will never forget you — or your music which we will long cherish. Our abiding love to you and Terre — Greg, Catherine, Olivia, Emma & William

  50. Mr. Hamlisch’s legacy of song lives forever. He made our lives richer. He was definitely the ONE, a singular sensation of a composer.

  51. Terre, deep condolences on the loss of your treasured Marvin. He was a kind, sweet man and the very definition of a “mensch.” His musical accomplisments were monumental and everlasting but his outstanding character and heart define his greatness.

  52. When strangers mourn your passing, you know you have left your mark. Thank you to the Hamlisch family for inspiring and sharing this great man with us. Rest in peace, kind sir!

  53. Broadway lights dimmed tonight (photo) for dear Marvin; a funny, kind and immensely talented human being. We’ll all miss you so much Marvin. Thank you for everything you gave us during the time God blessed this earth with your presence. I was honored to watch the lights dim for you tonight on Broadway, except for The Shubert Theater? Thanks for that. 🙂 Many of us took it as a sign that you were there with all of us…

  54. Several years ago, the foundation established in honor of my cousin — The Lauri Strauss Leukemia Foundation — presented Marvin Hamlisch with its Lifetime Achievement Award. A remarkable talent no doubt, but what impressed me most about Marvin Hamlisch is the loving kindness he showed my aunt and uncle. He was a mensch by every definition.

  55. You life was a blessing! Your music will live forever! Rest in love, Marvin Hamlisch..

  56. It was a joy to be in ps9 with you. At that early age you performed for us every week. A true musical genious. I will always remember your parents and sister, may you rest in peace.

  57. I am very saddened for the passing of my mentor Marvin Hamlish. I’ve worked with the Disney Organization for thirty years. I meant Marvin at a performance in Pasadena, through John Green, an icon and mentor of his for many years. I produced and cast The Disney All American Orchestra for 12 seasons in Florida.
    I traveled with Marvin many times, and participated in special events. The world will never be the same, because of his love of music. The world will always be with you my friend.

    Marvin you are loved throughout the world…

  58. I was Marvin’s personal typist in the 1980s. He was a generous mentor and an inspiration to my own creative career. He would sit at the piano (usually in his bathrobe!) and practically channel the most beautiful, heartfelt melodies.

    He married Terre, a wonderful mid-westerner, in 1989. I created this design as a wedding present.

    Marvin was a big fan of peace. In 1991, Marvin composed a symphonic suite called “Anatomy of Peace,” using the universal language of music to tell a story about a world living together as one. I was inspired to create a design, also called “Anatomy of Peace,” and shared it with him.

    I had the honor of working with Terre on a book of interviews with some of the world’s great souls (such as the Dalai Lama). Marvin was surely one of them.

  59. I speak for myself as well as “The Skyliners” that we are very sorry that we were unable to work together in Denver with the POPS. You are a legend who has graced us with your music and sense of humor. Thank you for all the gifts you have left us.

  60. My words are only meant to honor this great man. However, I realize that they are comparatively less than a grain of sand in the Sahara, considering how much this man has accomplished and how many he has graced in his short time on this earth. Marvin afforded me the opportunity of a lifetime for which I am eternally greatful. I thank God everyday that I was lucky enough to once be on the same stage under the direction of this beautiful man. God Bless you Marvin Hamlisch, Terre, and your entire family. Your life has made this world a better place. I will never forget you.

  61. I heard his piano playing recently with Michael Feinstein playing Cole Porter tunes on June 9th with the DSO. Little did I know this would be the last concert we would hear. His piano playing was something great.

  62. The world is saddened with the loss of this musical genious.Such incredible music he gave us…Mr. Hamlisch we will always remember you, especially every time we hear one of your songs…or the incredible Ms. Streisand singing The Way We Were. Thank you for giving us so much exceptional music to love and enjoy. My deepest sympathies to your wife and family.

  63. I loved you music you brought much joy to our hearts, may you rest in peace sir.

  64. Mr. Hamlisch was truly one of the most talented people in the business! He put his whole heart into his work annd that was evident. The world’s loss is heaven’s gain. He will be making beautiful music with the angels! Gone too soon!! May he always rest in peace.

    • One of my highlights in my concert going life was the night I saw Marvin Hamlisch and Michael Feinstein at the Tilles Center on Long Island I have always been a fan of both . God Bless your soul an I know your making music in Heaven !