1. The best Bond song of all time. Not to mention that the opening credits to the Spy Who Loved Me are, in my opinion, the best of all the Bond films.

  2. This song would have never worked for any of the early Bond films. He was not yet a cultural icon. Once he achieved that rarefied air this song became the perfect tribute to his sexuality, athleticism, improvisational adaptability and his unequaled serenity in the face of pressure. It is the anthem to his irresistible charm (to both women and men) despite our better instincts.

  3. This is my all-time favorite song by Carly Simon. She has such a powerful and commanding voice and she is definitely one-of-a-kind. Her and Carole King were tha bomb back during the many years of each of their careers. Gotta go check out some Carole King masterpieces now, too.

  4. A classy gentle lady with true talent — always downplayed her art which is what makes her great! Legend

  5. Back in 1979 I filmed my 4 year old daughter doing “advanced” gymnastics on her swing set, then dubbed in this song. While I have not seen the film I shot in many years, whenever I hear this song my mind returns to 1979 as my now 38 year old daughter turns back into a precocious 4 year old and I become teary eyed. I will never tire of hearing Carly Simon sing it or a philharmonic orchestra play it. This music is like magic!

  6. We played this in our HS Marching Band. It was a great tune, easy to march to.

  7. Nobody does it better than you my love. Now that you are gone I know Ill miss you forever.……Baby you’re the best.……It hurts too much

  8. Goldfinger is great, Live and Let Die too…But Nobody did it Better than Carly and Marvin! So much is incredible in this song, but besides Carly’s voice, the string arrangement is just brilliant!!!

  9. Many feel Connery was the best Bond, and perhaps so but for me it was Roger Moore. Maybe I am a little biased as his profile and my late father’s were a spitting image resemblance. I digress. Anyway, whenever I am asked which is my favorite Bond movie, hands down I say it is The Spy Who Loved Me. The opening scene parachuting off of a cliff while on skis, the introduction of Jaws and of course the Lotus Esprit under water. Barbara Bach and a great story made it my favorite Bond movie!

  10. I saw The Spy Who Loved Me the first time on VHS for its 20th anniversary. When I first watched the opening title sequence with this song, I cranked up the stereo, rewind, and played it again. I found the song that impactful.

  11. I remember watching The Spy Who Loved me when I was really young and even now as I’m about to graduate from college it still resonates with me as my favorite James Bond movie. From the thrills of the opening chase to the chills of Jaws to Roger Moore’s humor & wit down to the the finale with Carly Simon singing, the movie will always be my definition of perfection.