The Netherlands — Visit to The John Adams Institute and The American School of The Hague.

The Netherlands — September 2011- Visit to Amsterdam for a lecture at The John Adams Institute and The American School of The Hague.


The John Adams Institute provides a window onto the United States for Dutch audiences. Their main way of carrying this out is by bringing notable Americans–novelists, politicians, historians, scientists, screenwriters, poets–to the Netherlands, and having them talk about their work and their insights.

Special thanks to the Louwman Museum and Binger Filmlab.

Lecture at The John Adams Institute- By Pietgispen

During Lecture- John Adams Institute — By Pietgispen

September 2011- Pictures from visit to The American School of The Hague – Meeting with students.

American School of The Hague — Marvin Hamlisch with Principal


Greetings at The American School of The Hague

Visit to American School of The Hague — Auditorium with students

Marvin Hamlisch with students — American School of The Hague

With Students — American School of The Hague (Pic: Marvin with Emma, Olivia and William Tucker)

“Thank you for being such an amazing contributor to the wonderful history of music. Your unbelievable achievements are inspiring and will never be forgotten.  And thank you for being a such an great role model.”
~ M. L., Student, ASH
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“No matter who we are or how high we may climb in our lives, we should never forget the young.  You didn’t…and they will remember and they will be inspired by your music, your stories and the how you spoke about the privilege of knowing and being with people from everywhere in the world!”
~ Roberta Enschede, Former teacher at ASH
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  1. Thanks so much for inspiring us all, you were amazing! I especially love the movie “The Swimmer”.

    Come again!

  2. you were so interesting and inspiring to listen to! Thank you so much for coming and please come again!

  3. Dear Marvin,

    Thanks for visiting our school. You truly are an inspiration. You are the one of the reasons why I became interested in ragtime music and then jazz. These are reasons why I became a music teacher. After so many years, THANKS!
    Jim Yarnell

  4. Marvin you were amazing! Everyone loved it and were really interested about everything you said. Come back again!

  5. Dear Marvin, Hope you could feel the love, admiration and respect we have for you at ASH. Your willingness to share your phenomenal gift of music touched us all. You are an exceptional talent, delightfully amusing, and a very nice guy. “Nobody Does It Better”. Thank you for a special afternoon.
    Sue Nelsen

  6. Thanks for coming Marvin! You were a smash! We love your music… come back soon!

    Love, Olivia

  7. Marvin and his music transcend generations — proof was the wildly enthusiastic reception given to him by students of the American School of The Hague during an impromptu visit. He played his most famous and greatest compositions, answered questions from students and shared his own life lessons with these young fans. It was a defining moment for these international students. Thanks Marvin for sharing so generously your talent, personality and insights. Come back soon!