Screening of The Sting at Paul Newman’s hometown

NEW HAVEN, CT — The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp celebrated its Founder’s Legacy at Westport Country Playhouse on January 30, 2012

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp visited the hometown of its founder Paul Newman to celebrate his creative and philanthropic spirit at Westport Country Playhouse with a special screening of The Sting.

I looked up to Paul Newman as a true role model,” recalled Hamlisch who won an Oscar for adapting the music for the iconic 1973 film that starred Newman and Robert Redford.

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Watch: At The Oscars- The Sting wins Best Picture


Marvin H – Couldn’t make it to the Founder’s Celebration. Very glad things went well.

Larry P–  It was a great event and I’m happy to support the camp. The Westport Country Playhouse was an outstanding venue.

Fred T–  Happy to have supported the event! Keep up the great work!

Michelle G- Was a real pleasure to be there. There was a happy feeling in the theater and Jimmy Canton is awesome and articulate and is keeping the legacy alive. ♥

Pamela M — was a pleasure to attend!

Tina  C — Wonderful to be there!

Tara G K — A great time was had by all!



  1. I happened upon your site, did not know as much as I should have about you and your career and came away with and even greater respect for your talent and accomplishments.

    Thanks for your whole body of work, it has put smiles on the faces of many that I love.

    Warmly, Darrin B

  2. Mr. Hamlisch, I am a huge fan of your career and have enjoyed your music throughout my lifetime.
    Thank you and best wishes for a wonderful 2012! David G

  3. Thanks Marvin!
    My son attends Hole In The Wall, its such a wonderful place, Mr. Newman had such vision to create a place with such great beauty and atmosphere the kids are so happy when they are there…truly remarkable.
    Thanks for honoring Mr. Newman.

  4. This is such a great thing you’re doing! I always admired Paul Newman, mostly for his kind acts of contributing to his causes. Of course he was a great actor as well. Kudos to you for arranging this event in his honor.

  5. I agreed to see a first cut in the screening room. I quickly realized that this was one of the best pictures I had seen in years. I loved this tale of a pair of con men, Paul Newman and Robert Redford, who set out to put the “sting” on a big-city racketeer and do so in a most ingenious way. David Ward had written a witty, stylish script, George Roy Hill had directed it faultlessly, and Newman and Redford were the best screen couple in years…” From the book: The Way I Was, by Marvin Hamlisch.