Music Under the Stars — A Free Concert Celebrating the Life of Marvin Hamlisch

Pasadena — On September 22, 2012 on the steps of Pasadena City’s Hall, The Pasadena Symphony and Pops celebrated the life and legacy of their late Principal Pops Conductor, Marvin Hamlisch with a free concert. It featured host and emcee Jason Alexander. The orchestra played many of Marvin’s most memorable songs, including selection from A Chorus Line, They’re Playing Our Song, “Nobody Does It Better,” “The Way We Were,” as well as music by the people that inspired Marvin: the Gershwins, Jule Styne, and others.

The event was conducted by longtime Hamlisch colleague Larry Blank.

Valerie Perri, Lisa Vroman, Jason Robert Brown, Jason Alexander, Larry Blank

The performance included composer-pianist Jason Robert Brown (who, among many other things, wrote the Broadway musical Parade), the vocalists Valerie Perri and Lisa Vroman. Jason Alexander also participated during vocal selections.

WATCH: Selections from Marvin Hamlisch’s repertoire during Tribute Concert.

The Pasadena Pops performing “One” to open the evening, “What I Did For Love” and “The Way We Were” for the Finale.

WATCH:  “One”    —    “What I Did For Love”      —    “The Way We Were”

THANKS!  to Pasadena Symphony and Pops Musicians and Management.

Thanks! to  Larry Blank, Valerie, Lisa, Jason Robert and Jason Alexander!



  1. About two years ago, my wife Sara and I attended a gathering to meet and listen to Marvin at a music school on the upper East Side sponsored by One Day U. I was particularly anxious to go because of a previous encounter with MH in the Frankfurt airport in the mid-80’s.
    On a Sunday, early in the am, I was waiting for a flight to London, sipping a cold coffee, when Marvin walked by. Recognizing him I called out his name. I guess the sound of an American/ Brooklyn accent was enough to stop him. He smiled and said hello. When I asked what he was doing at that hour in the airport, he replied that he was on his way to India. “India, I said, whatever is there for you?” ” Not me,he replied, my wife wants to meet the Dalai Lama.” And then he looked at me with a real twinkle in his eye. “Do you know what I’m going to say to the Dalai? And I said yes, you’re going to say, and we both started singing Hello Dolly. At 8:30 in the morning in the Frankfurt airport!
    We laughed and shook hands and Marvin went off to meet his wife.
    At the music school, when MH asked if anyone had questions, I stood up and asked if I could relate a story about him. Somewhat askance, he gave a cautious OK. As soon as I started to tell about our meeting in Frankfurt, MH got this funny look on his face, sat down at the piano and rolled into Hello Dolly. I told him I had been waiting 20+ years to encounter him again, boring my friends and family in the meantime, so that we could have another laugh. Thanks to Marvin’s good grace and wonderful sense of humor, we indeed did just that. He was such a warm and wonderfully talented man. I was very much saddened at his passing.
    A great loss to the world of music and of course to his family. I hope my short story will bring a smile. It surely did for me.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to the memory of Marvin Hamlish. Larry Blank, who was a long time friend and associate, really did a great job ,

  3. What a beautiful message you sent to him and to the people who loved him all over the world like me in Brazil, South America! That’s a way of keeping his memory alive for the next generation. Thank you!