Happy Birthday My Marvin! Terre Blair Hamlisch.

Marvin , I miss you more than ever. And always will!

I miss the joy in your face when it was your birthday!

You reminding everyone you met of your shirt size on your birthday!!!!!


I miss your laughter, your heart, your generosity.

I think it hurts more now than ever.

Happy Birthday My Marvin.

I love you forever and after that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terre Hamlisch and abbey Hamlisch too

p.s. We will be sending yellow ballons and flowers to you.


VIDEO. Happy Birthday, Marvin! Charlotte, Aubrey and Jordan Lilly salute Marvin Hamlisch


Source: Team Marvin Hamlisch / The Music of Marvin Hamlisch



  1. Marvin you will always be a star lighting up the world with your music. I remember you would play happy birthday in the style of Bach Beethoven and Mozart for you friends.
    You are a classic of our time. We appreciate your wonderful music that will play on and to be sure shall stand the test of time.
    May all the blessings you have given to others return to you where ever you are! We never forget you.
    Love Robin Gordon

  2. Happy birthday Marvin. You were larger than life. Although we can’t touch you, we always remember how you touched all of us. You live in our hearts and will forever. Happy 70th, Mitchell Beja

    From left to right: Richard Danielpour, Brandon Beja, Michael Keller, John Such, Mitchell Beja, Zack Beja, Michael Bielski and the maestro:

  3. Marvin!! Your day is ever cemented on my calendar — you are and always will be one of my greatest mentors, and I am forever thankful that I was able to spend even a short time with you. Happy Birthday Marv!!

  4. Happy Birthday Marvin, I miss you everyday and I feel your presence often around me. Thankyou for mentoring me on performing and inspiring me and so many many others with your beautiful music. I have never met anyone who has helped and touched the lives of truly hundreds of people. One of my best memories was when I first worked with you and you took a group of us out to dinner. I will never forget the look on everyone’s face when you order all the desserts on the menu! The joy on your face was priceless. You will be in my heart always and I will continue to carry the torch of your music as long as I live. I am sure you are doing a concert in heaven with the angels. Love always, Valerie

  5. Marvin — Happy Birthday!! I have been thinking about you all day… You changed every life you touched, mine included, and I am honored to have known you and been your friend! I had ice cream today — I wish you had been there to have some too. You would have loved it! It was the BEST Salted Caramel ice cream ever…

    Thanks for the music and the laughter you shared with me!! Love you and miss you my dear friend. Xoxo

  6. Marvin was a genius and a mensch, two words that are rarely seen together. His music is as vibrant, passionate, heartbreaking, giddy and uplifting on his 70th birthday as it will be on his 100th, and for as long as there are ears on Earth to hear. For all those who did hear him, see him, or–blessedly lucky us–know him, the memory of his joyful and gracious self remains as endearing and enduring as the music he gave to the world. Happy birthday, Marvin. Your love of life, your generous wit and your glorious music remain alive and well, still moving us to laughter and to tears each day, even as we miss you beyond expression.

  7. A month before Marvin’s death I completed his last formal portrait as a gift (a long beautiful story) from
    his wife Terre. After Marvin received the contacts he called and said hey Len we’ve got a problem! My heart sank, he said he got some good looking guys photos.. He quickly came back and said he loved them and want a copy of every one… I sent 6, then heard from Terre and my heart broke, then I became a member of Team Hamlisch and was given a pass as family photographer to document most of the memorials and tributes, still a few more to go.… That’s the great part, Marvin’s bigger than ever!
    This project is now up to 200 edited images and counting, universities are clambering to get the complete shows for students to study and gain inspiration from, as well as The Library of Congress, a show in New York, a published book with an intro by Terre Blair Hamlisch and most importantly on MARVIN’S BIRTHDAY we got news that the first show will open with a tribute concert and a full museum show! I can’t say where except ITS BIG ! Oct 2015 I’m so Incredibly thankful on this day, for the gift of love from everyone that
    touched this man’s genius and generosity! Thank you, Marvin! June. 2nd. will always be a big day For me… In memory of the best MENSCH!

  8. Hi Marvin!
    Can’t wait to celebrate your 70th Birthday in style with Pittsburgh Symphony at the end of June.
    Don’t worry about where you’re sitting because I always make room for you on my piano bench.
    Thanks for the pep talks lately.
    It’s been kinda rough with my mom’s health, very little work and wondering how long I can keep doing this. Keep talking to me. I love you my friend!

  9. Happy Birthday to an American original…Marvin …there will never be anyone as talented
    and as dear as you were to all who were blessed to know you…
    You left us too soon …
    The world of music has been diminished by your loss!
    Love love and more love …

  10. Happy Birthday you are missed for your lovely melodies, and your brilliance. Hope you are playing with some amazing people up there.

  11. Thinking of our dear Marvin on his 70th birthday. How I wish he could have been as immortal as his music. With love and gratitude always, Nancy Shear

  12. Marvin,
    Miss you tons! Your smile, your laugh and of course that incredible talent! Happy birthday pal

  13. Elizabeth Eden Reams wrote: “Happy birthday to Marvin Hamlisch, an American composer and one of only few people to win an Emmy, Tony, Golden globe, Pulitzer prize and the Oscar. He was known to have written some of the best loved and enduring songs and scores in movie history from 1965–2013.
    Here’s one of his short early pieces he did for Woody Allen’s Bananas in ’71. target=“_blank” rel=“nofollow”>FILM: BANANAS

    He would have been 70 today.
    Thinking of you kiddo!

  14. Happy birthday! Memories, light the corners of my mind… so it’s the laughter we will remember… We will remember you Marvin, thanks for all your music

  15. So wish you were here so that we could celebrate you and all that you have given us — and will forever mean to us! Happy Birthday Marvin — we were so fortunate to have you as long as we did — but of course, it just wasn’t quite long enough. With love to Terre and you! Tuckers All

  16. Marvin! Happy Birthday!! You’re in my thoughts and continued daily work. Terre is a great friend and I watch after her. You would just be blown away as to how popular, important, and relevant your art and the folklore of you as a man gain Strength daily. Your legacy is a full speed engine just as you were ! June 2 will forever be remembered ! Happy Birthday Mensch !

    • The word “Mensch” says it all about this gifted and talented man!
      It is still so hard to believe Marvin is gone! He was a magnet, and a light!
      There will never be anyone quite like marvelous Marvin!
      Happy Birthday in heaven where you are probably playing your piano!