Composer Marvin Hamlisch’s Final Work Shares His Childhood Love Of Music

New York, NY — Composer Marvin Hamlisch’s Final Work Shares His Childhood Love Of Music

Marvin Makes Music Remembering Marvin Hamlisch NY1

NY1 Video: Terre Blair Hamlisch, the widow of the late composer Marvin Hamlisch, shares with NY1’s Parenting Correspondent Shelley Goldberg how her husband’s final work was an autobiographical children’s book and a very special song that encourages children to enjoy music and sing.

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Children’s book shows a young and musical Marvin Hamlisch




  1. Marvin Makes Music the book was given to my daughter Jaida from Terre. I have to say what a wonderful book: I loved it. It even made me cry. This book sends such a positive message for all ages and is most definitely a great gift to give.

  2. A year ago we lost a great composer, musician, performer — but most of all he was a friend, mentor, husband and one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever known. He saw things in us that we didn’t see, and then he helped us to discover them for ourselves!

    Performing and working with Marvin was one of the finest experiences of my life, but even better was the time I spent with him talking about baseball, dessert (while we sampled several) and life. All of my love and prayers go out his beautiful and extraordinary wife and best friend — Terre Blair Hamlisch!!

    Marvin — you taught all who knew you how to be better musicians and artists but more than that… you showed us how to just be BETTER!!

    We miss you more than you know!!

  3. August 6th marks the anniversary of the day this world lost an amazing artist and friend, I thought I might share a little something to make you smile. I have been thinking of you all often and I am sending big hugs with this note.

    The last time I saw you all, we were celebrating Marvin Hamlisch’s life and the wonderful gifts he gave to all of us at The Paley Center for Media in New York. As you may recall, on March 27, I gave birth to the newest addition to my family, our beautiful daughter, Miranda. Children have a unique gift of warming our hearts in difficult times, and often a sixth sense when relating to those who have past. Over the weekend, through her own doing, and without being prompted, my three year old daughter read Marvin’s book and played his song endlessly. Day and night she carried his book and CD with her, slept with it beside her, took it to restaurants, and sand his songs wherever she went. It was a beautiful thing to see and I wanted to share.

    Sending all good wishes to you and yours.
    Love. Erin